Roof damage is often difficult to detect. And, while there are several kinds of roof damage, it is hard for someone who is not trained and experienced to assess the damage and need of repair.

Here are 6 signs you may need roof repair or replacement as soon as possible:

  1. Blistering or peeling exterior paint. Moisture can build up near the roofline if your attic is poorly ventilated, causing paint to blister or peel. Another issue may be a failing gutter system.
  2. Dark or dirty shingles. Shingles that allow trapped moisture are no longer serving their purpose.
  3. Stains on interior ceilings and walls. When you spot water stains or discoloration, it can be a sign of several things, including roof leaks. It could mean that the underlayment of your roof is allowing moisture into your home.
  4. Cracked, curled or missing shingles. This shows that the shingles are no longer fully serving their purpose. When you see several of these types of shingles, you should consider getting your roof replaced.
  5. Wear and tear in the area of roof objects and openings. Vents, pipes, chimneys and anything that penetrates your roof can be areas of developing deterioration.
  6. Leaks in the attic after a rainstorm. The presence of rain water in your attic may often be fixed by replacing flashing. However, if the cause is a porous underlayment, you’ll most likely need to replace your roof.

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